He disappeared on me after 4 dates?

I met an older man online. He asked to call me and we spoke for about 2 hours... he corrected me and said 1 hour and 49 min to be exact. We ageeed to meet the next night at a bar lounge. When I walked in he was obsessed. Told me I was the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen, we talked and laughed for 5 hours. He wouldn't stop starring at me and kissing my hands lol he wanted to see me again 2 days later for dinner. He texted me and said he was blown away etc. could not wait to see me again. (He has been married before and is 2 years recovering alcoholic.) we went to dinner and he wouldn't stop staring and obsessing over my beauty. He then said he thinks I'm a heartbreaker and trouble. He even told his AA people about me. I assured him that I'm kind and nvr broke a heart. We made out and then I went home. He texted me and asked to see me again on sat. I went to his home and we ordered takeout and we ended up sleeping together. It was mind blowing sex and chemistry. We then talked and talked and connected. Then he again called me a heartbreaker. I saw him again and he asked if he was doing anything wrong and I replying omg noo you're amazing!! I like you so much, he replies that he likes me more. We made love again and then I went home as I had an early morning... it's been 4 days and nothing from him. I texted him hello how ru and he took 6 hours to reply that he's fine just busy and called me baby face. Then I said ok hope you're ok and he said yea I'm good baby... that's it and it's been another 4 days and nothing... what could be going on?
He disappeared on me after 4 dates?
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