Does love only happen once?

I always had crushes growing up, I didn't think love was real until... I met her...

The Best Girl in this world :) She made me feel love, It was intense, it was real, it made me feel like on top of the world.

I was stupid... I thought she liked me, but my heartbroke when she rejected me.

It took me a year to get over her... I still have some feelings for her :(

I just feel like I will never fall in love again, I will never feel the same way again, I was so wrong, and I guess I'm never going open my heart up again, it's hard to trust? It's hard to find someone better than her too :(

Has anyone fallen in love a second time with someone else?

Or is it just settle for a good person even if you don't love them?
Does love only happen once?
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