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Should I take him back after what he did to me?

So there's this guy Luke that I was seeing, he was older and he was definitely the bad boy type. We started hanging out a lot and then I ended things with him cause I wanted to be in a serious relationship and he was too unpredictable and just not the relationship type. After I ended things with him he convinced me to trust him and that he was gonna be better and he wasn't gonna hurt me again. So I gave him a shot and a few nights ago the day after we hung out for my birthday he went to a party. The next day I texted him cause I hadn't heard from him all day and he then finally told me that at the party he ended up hooking up with a random girl. I was immediately heartbroken and crying. We just talked over the phone and he wants me to give him another chance. I'm having hard time deciding if I should because he hurt me so many times and lied and cheated. Should I take him back because I really miss him and he's always on my mind. Also when we're together I see the good side of him that no one else sees and I know he can change
Should I take him back after what he did to me?
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