Help? I am 24 and insanely depressed?

I ruined my life and i might end up alone. I grew up with a mother who has mental issues (anxiety disorder), she wasn't really social and isolated us from others a bit too much, she would allow us to make some friends, but it never got close to anything real. As a result me and my siblings grew up dysfunctional, i suffered from depression and anxiety and my older sister well... she will be hospilitazed soon at age 30 with no future perspective, my younger sister got out at 18, i didn't realize untill i was about 22 that the way i was raised wasn't normal (i was really naive and a sweet person by nature). I sacrificed my life and now im 24 im left with nothing. I m very empathic but im also easy to manipulate and very naive, almost too gentle for life. I can't get angry at people no matter how much they have hurt me but im sick and tired and i forgot my own life... how can i get over this? will i ever live a normal life?
Help? I am 24 and insanely depressed?
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