Wtf does she mea red flag?

I've been talking to a lady for about two weeks now via text and we agreed to meet.
Me: I really really enjoyed talking to very much, way better than texting. You are so intriguing to me. You can call me anytime. Hope to hear from you soon.
Her: I'll call you tomorrow. I'm going to bed now. You have a preference if time? I'm off tomorrow.
Me: I'm off all week.
Her: Oh well damn we should meet in person one day... i work everyday BUT tomorrow πŸ˜‘
Me: Anytime is fine Vi. I'm going to let you lead. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is ok with me.
Her: What about tomorrow for breakfast?
Me: Tomorrow is good 830 is good
Her: Really?
Me: Sure
So about 6am this morning I get this
Her: Honestly, Wednesday was my only free morning this week. I was just gona try & squeeze you in today but... I don't feel like it.
A "squeeze in meeting" is what you do when you're meeting someone that you really don't wana meet lol. I'd rather have more than a 2 hour block of time, that's all. This is me learning how not to avoid the red flags. Enjoy your holidays!!
Me: Don't understand but okay. You do the same. It was nice talking with you.

Will someone be so kind as to translate what just happened and what does learning how to avoid the red flags mean. Is she saying I waved a red flag somehow? This new dating is confusing asf.
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So I contacted the lady in question per BeautifulPromisesx, because I was done with her and it turns out lualesca was right the whole time. She said I asked her to lead and when she made a choice I would change it around. She said if I was going to lead I should've just lead from the beginning and not ask her. luakesca my friend I stand corrected.
Wtf does she mea red flag?
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