Should I get my boyfriends mom and sister a Christmas gift this year?

I've only met my boyfriends mom maybe two or three times and sister maybe a handfull of times but each time we never even hung out it was mostly just a hi and bye kinda thing. I feel obligated to get them something this year for Christmas because last year I didn't get them anything since we had just started dating and my boyfriend told me not to because his family doesn't really do family. His mom and dad are seperated and mom has a girlfriend now so they all don't really get along with mom but are civil enough just not family oriented. He has a brother also I've never even met yet. This year because it will be our second Christmas together and because I have met mom and have had several run ins with sister I feel its something I should do bc they both really like me and I want to keep it that way. My boyfriend would say I don't need to and don't spend money you don't have and they won't even care and you don't even see them often or even on Christmas. I dont know what they like or anything and when I ask my bpyfriend he tells me not to worry about it so I know very little about them. I just feel being our second Christmas together and seeing as I have been around the sister and seen mom in passing I should. So should I get them something and if so what?
Should I get my boyfriends mom and sister a Christmas gift this year?
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