Guys, My boyfriend and I are legally married but he has not proposed yet... It feels kind of strange. How can I tell him I want him to propose to me soon?

My boyfriend and I have been talking on getting married next year and that we want to spend our lives together. We have been talking about this for almost a year now and it has been very nice :)
Our employer is planning to move us to Europe for a different assignment and in order for us to be considered we had to get legally married two weeks ago.
We are planning to move in together on January and hopefully by March we will be ready to leave. These past few days have been very romantic and nice but he has not proposed yet.
It feels kind of strange because even though he wanted to marry me (legally) and posted a picture on his instagram for everyone to see... still I feel like something is missing. I have always been thinking about the moment he proposes and can't wait to experience that.
He even started saying that we should have our wedding reception on November 2017 but how can we tell our friends and family to "save the date" if he has not proposed? I told him that in order for us to give the date to our families we would need to be engaged for at least 6 months prior in order for them to be able to travel (wedding would be in Mexico) and he said that then we would marry only until 2018 since he does not have the money to buy me a ring and that he was thinking of giving me the ring on a trip or something...
I don't know if he is not ready or thinks I want a very expensive ring (I even told him I did not want an expensive one).
His friends are even wanting to throw him a bachelor party but I told him that how would he do a bachelor party if we are not even engaged? I think the engagement is priority over the bachelor/bachelorette parties and above the wedding reception itself.
What should I do?


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  • I think your boyfriend isn't worried about the proposal part anymore as you are already legally married. You technically already agreed to marry him and did so getting and proposal and doing the whole bachelor/bachelorette parties is kinda backwards. I never heard of being engaged for 6 months for families to travel (your also already married).

    I think you should just straight out tell him that you want him to propose because eventhough your married you have always dreamed of that part.

    • Yes, I told him that I wanted to wait until he proposed for us to do everything else. Wedding planning in Mexico normally takes around 1 year in order to book the venue that we want (ensure it is open) and have our family from Colombia and Mexico plan themselves to come to our wedding (150 people).

  • Why would he propose, you guys are already married? Of course you would say yes. What's the point? Have you told him you wanted him to propose? I bet you haven't

    • Yes, I told him and he said that I will need to wait like 8 months for him to save money...

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    • That's what I don't understand. WHY WOULD HE PROPOSE? You guys are already married ! Start planning the party NOW ! You propose, THEN you marry ! Not the other way around. You are pouting like a child who wants a toy. Did your husband marry a little girl or a woman?

    • Haha yeah but I want the engagement ring, not the object but what it means. When he actually takes a moment to tell me that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I feel we have not experienced that. I dont want something expensive and would like him to prioritize that over buying a watch or going on an expensive bachelor trip. I already told him that it is important for me that we both experience that moment. He says that it needs to be very special but Im worried he is not even saving or thinking about it.