Plutonic friends or still dating?

The man I dated for about a month asked me to become plutonic friends. We are both highly successful and mature. In the beginning everything was going well, we both wanted relationship. He was and still attracted to me, tells me how beautiful and smart I am. He had ended his 9 yr relationship two months before he met me. He said he is completely over his ex. However, the ex was still texting him because he gets her mail. He was very persistent with me and he made all the moves. He told me that he wanted to meet my mom after a few dates. I told him that not yet but in a few weeks I will make that arrangement. He wanted to meet my family and friends but I thought it was too soon, after a month. Then, one day he told me tha he really likes me and enjoys my company but can't see us in a serious long term relationship. But he still wants to see me. I asked him what is the reason that he can't see us together. He said no specific reason, just a feeling. I told him that I don't want casual dating and nor I can date more than one man at the time. He said that he understands. Thus, he asked me to be his plutonic friend. He also told me that maybe he should have given our relationship more than one month. The next day he texted me and asked if I would be interested to go to his coworkers birthday party. I thought about it and said yes. We went to the birthday together. He didn't introduce me as his friend. He made them believe that we are together. They asked us questions such as how long we have know each other, whether we have deleted our online dating profiles and he was responding as if we are continuing our relationship. He paid for everything for me, very high end restaurant. He didn't not make a move on me. He only hugged me for a few minutes because we were outside and I was cold.
1. I am confused whether this is just a test to see how I will react if we had ended our relationship?
2. Did he have a change of heart?
3. Should I be patient? And give him some space?


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  • plutonic or platonic... sound bit radioactive... 😂😂😂😂😂

    • No lol platonic friends. Autocorrect on my phone. So what do you think

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    • Thank you so much for your feedback. I wish he was more clear and not confused

    • you're very welcome... hope it helped...

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  • 'Plutonic' as in you guys are from Pluto?

    • Oh autocorrect on my phone platonic. So what do you think?