Being considered family?

For those of you who are in a serious committed relationship of say 3+ years and you live with your SO do you consider them family? I don't understand people and families who say stuff like well we aren't technically family because we aren't married but to me being family is so much more than just a piece of paper. Family means you want to start a life with that person you love them unconditionally and they are there for you. To me family is so much more than just having the same blood as you. Also if you are in your twenties and you live with you SO do you expect to be treated like a unit meaning invited as a couple to things such as all family functions meaning holidays and vacations. My boyfriend is almost 30 and I'm 25 and we have been together 5.5 years and his mom knows me super well but refuses to acknowledge that her fully grown son sees me as family and is rude by leaving me out of things such as family vacations. Luckily my boyfriend puts me first and sticks up for me. Also for those of you who say that they aren't family until marriage what about couples who treat eachother as husband and wife and don't plan on ever getting married should they always be second to their SOs parents just because they aren't married? Thoughts. Discuss please.
Being considered family?
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