She flaked, twice I am over with her what do you think?

So this girl added me about a year ago on facebook, we chatted for like two months, day and night, kept chatting but less through the year, she helped me a little with school (we're both same major at college) but we didn't see each other often.

fast forward, a month ago we were back to messaging a lot and since i kinda hinted at asking her out and she said yes i went for it and asked her to go with somewhere fun since i want to have some fun, she said yes and suggested a quiet, kinda far place, i agreed , we were supposed to go there last Friday, i texted her a day before and she claimed she couldnt make it because of something school related that she must do with a friend, i said okay, messaged her two hour laters to set another date for next week, she also agreed to go out a second time, i messaged her a day before and she said she will get back to me about the "hangout" but never did, i even saw her the day we were supposed to go out, she just said hi like normal and didn't even mention going out.

this girl was all over me and she was the one who approached me and keeps talking to me about her life and family and stuff that i dont even give a single shit about, i dont even intiate she starts talking... what do you think? iam done with her i dont need people like that in my life.


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  • Seems like she didn't want to date you (although she liked you as a friend), but said 'yes' just to not hurt you. Eventually she did hurt you anyway.

  • 1 flake and she's done, unless she has a good reason and wants to make new plans. 2 flakes and she is gone, she's either not interested, doesn't respect you, or is a game playing manipulator.

    • yeah iam kinda the kind of guy who doesn't give second chances i figure if you want to do something for me you will do it the first time if not then you are not serious about it so i move on, i gave her a second chance because i listened to a friends advice, but iam moving on i never had feelings for her anyway or anything.

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    • had it happen with a few other girls, they show lots of attention, text with ethusiasm and seem interested in me but the moment they realize i want to actually talk face to face and maybe touch them and kiss them they agree to go out but never actually follow through, therefore its better to be clear and objective from the start so i dont get hurt later, because i have.

    • yeah for sure, I agree 100%!

  • If she flakes twice you move on. If you can live with her as a friend then be friends. Else just next the bitch and go NC and never talk to her.

    The perfect way to make girls who dissed you in the past is to improve in money/status/looks and live an awesome life.

    • yeah i delted all the texts and i am not interested in being her friend or anything so iam moving on, i gave her two chances and she flaked on both, i have no interet in female friends as i have some and i prefer guy friends anyway.

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