Fun Question: How do you swipe on Tinder?

  • Do you look at a picture, take a second, then swipe?
  • Do you immediately swipe right as fast as you can without looking at pictures until your daily limit is reached?
  • Do you read the profile information, and view all of the pictures to decide?
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  • I look at all pictures, read their profiles and also often listen to their anthem if they have any. If I'm unsure about how they look I go through their instagram pictures as well (if they've linked it to Tinder).


Most Helpful Guy

  • I've never used the swipe right for everyone strategy but i've also never actually messaged anybody that I match with so all of the enjoyment of the app is in the profiles themselves. I find it entertaining to learn about the different girls in my area and see the variety in people. The app isn't really meant for people like me though and i'm pretty sure that playing the numbers game is the most effective strategy for guys.


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