Girls, what do you think of my profile? Am I a little too late to find someone in my dating pool (I've been out of the dating life for a while)?

Age: 21
height: 6ft 1in ~(roughly)
body: average (no muscle or six pack)
eye color: blue
race: white
Career: Engineer technician (I build electrical schematics for buildings)
salary: 70k a year
car: 2016 Toyota Corolla
Cons: I'm socially awkward. I am attractive enough to get attention because girls always smile at me in public and it's not them just being nice. I've also been asked by old college female girls why I don't have a girlfriend. I just tell them I focused all my attention on school and ignored girls for so long that I don't know how to talk to them at all. I've been out of the dating life for all my college life (roughly 4 years). I've been reading a few books on dating but I've done everything right and I'm not even picky. I was looking for a girl kind of ready to start having kids ASAP or I wouldn't mind if she has already kids as long as they are toddlers.

I think I would make a gallant companion basically but maybe a little bit sarcastic. I might joke around too much but it's just my personality. I sometimes play harmless jokes at work pretending to be electrocuted when showing live electrical schematics to technicians. but anyways thanks for reading.


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  • Anyone who cares about your salary or car to start dating isn't worth getting to know. If you feel a bit awkward then start going out socially without the pressure of finding a date and just learn to flirt. See what works for you and what doesn't before you start looking seriously for a partner

    • My car is very basic. not fancy at all. I don't like attention

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    • I'm just giving my profile. Doesn't it matter or not really?

    • It depends what you want to attract, if you're ok with women wanting financial gain then keep it

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  • You forgot to add in your penis size bro! This is GAG after all.

    • Haha I think it's hilarious how you went anon

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  • oh a toyota corolla, I would Definitely date you.

    • LMAO thanks for that

    • If you want to find an honest girl, don't let her know immediately how much you earn and what you own, please

    • Yeah I know.

What Guys Said 2

  • damn 70k a year wtf

    you seem like a good dude tho

    • it's around that.

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    • I'm still going for my masters degree so I am lol

    • well then you're on the right track lol, just start getting involved with stuff

  • You re good man

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