Why didn't she say no when I gave her the chance :(?

I told my friend I didn't like her accidentally (I told her who I liked) and she began ignoring me. Then I began to like her and my friend told her and I told her "I don't know," and she ignored me again. But I finally mustered the courage and told her how I felt and said she felt the same but we should be friends because we both have mixed emotions. I then told her if she doesn't like me I understand and I'd be ok with it. She told me she did but we should be friends.

Then she began playing games and I just ignore them, but she keeps telling my friends I never talk to her, but she never gives any encouragement. She then tries making me jealous on purpose and it works, but it kills some of my attraction for her. But what I don't understand is she talks to my friends so much, and she easily starts conversations with them but never with me, and if she does it's just a "Hi, how are you doing?" and she walks away. I just don't understand, why didn't she just tell me "no"? I told her we could just be friends if she said no.. it doesn't make sense


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  • Some people are ass holes she will get over her self. You don't deserve someone like that anyways


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