Am I too picky to have a boyfriend?

I've never had a boyfriend tho I get hit on and asked out a lot more than my friends. I'm an attractive 17 year old, but I've never really had a bf. I've gone on a few dates, but I never end up liking the guy. I want an intelligent outdoorsy guy who's idea of fun is traversing a mountain then skinny dipping in a lake. I've found that I'm really attracted to brown eyes, dark curly hair, a bit of stubble and a big-ish nose (lol). The thing is that I have never met a guy who wasn't TAKEN like this.

I'm in the mood for a bf. Like, I'm thinking about maybe going out with guys who I kind of like and who likes me, but I really only want to date what I want...

Am I too picky? Should I ditch my ideal guy and experiment with some alright guys... or not? My worst fear is that I'll meet a guy I really really like while I'm in a relationship with someone I kind of like. :\


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  • experiment away, your still young you got all your life to find your dream guy. you might as well have some fun on the way

  • Why should you give up your ideals for something you don't really want.

    When we want something in life we want it. Lame correlation but you don't go to mcdonalds when you want fine seafood you choose red lobster...I am sure you get my drift..

    your worst fear shouldn't be meeting someone when your in a relationship should be getting in relationship you don't want...


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