Is he assuring me he doesn't like her when he says this?

So one of my friends talks to this girl i like in gym, he talks to a lot of girls, but yeah. He apparently broke up with his college girlfriend a little while ago. And thought I overheard him talk to his other friend about possibly banging 1 of 2 girls. I thought he was talking about the girl that he talks to. He told me he wasn't trying to date anyone, and that he was "chilling". I figure he is just looking to fuck someone. And when I asked him if he likes the girl that I like, he said no. And then I told him liked her, and he said she's cute, and then asked if I wanted him to say something to her about it, or try and set us up. And assured me that they are just friends. Does the fact that he asked me if I wanted him to say something to her, or try and set us up, assure that he doesn't like her like that in your opinion?

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  • No, guys generally aren't that clever in this type of way. They don't over think everything like girls haha, I'm sure he didn't mean it on a very personal level. Personally, I wouldn't date someone who's "chilling" because yeah, he's probably just sleeping around.


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