Why do I get so jealous? Is there a way to stop me from being jealous?

My boyfriend used to go to a different school than me and our school usually goes against his old school in sports games. He sees his old friends all the time and it doesn't bother me if he talks to the guys but the girls with come up and hug him and talk and be very obviously flirting with him. I tell him it's ok but we both know that I'm jealous and pissed off about how the girls act. I don't want to be this way because I know they're just his old friends. Any ideas on how I can change how I feel or think about this?

Really no ideas on this?


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  • This is a hard one. What you feel is a normal and natural thing, you have to accept it as part of you. I also used to be jealous a lot, but then my (now ex) boyfriend taught me a good thing: to concentrate on how HE is behaving, not them. His friends who were girls were even worse than you have it - they actually loved him and hugged him and all and ignored me at all, like I was an empty space. So it was even worse and all. But I really started to think about HIM and not THEM and after a while it got better.

    Still, you should probably talk to your boyfriend about this. In any case your jealousy is a compliment and not a dig at someone. It is not like you want him to be friend-less, just you want to know that you are important as well and that he loves you. Maybe try and talk to him about this in a playful manner and just pretend it is not a huge deal. I think he will appreciate that you are honest and open with him. :)


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