How do I build confidence when im 18 and have never had a boyfriend?

Im almost eighteen and have never had a boyfriend. I hardly like guys, but when i do and they dont like me back, i lose a lot of confidence. Sometimes i think its because im black (even though i live in a very racially diverse community). I currently like a guy who im 90% sure doesn't like me back and i dont know how im ever going to feel confident in myself or if im ever going to get a boyfriend, it makes me feel completely worthless.


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  • So you've never liked anyone who tried approaching you?


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  • It's sad to see your confidence is based on dating.

    Confidence should not be connected to that.
    Build your confidence being independent.
    For example, if you are someone who is shy and is not so confident to speak up, build that by initiating conversation with a stranger, or perhaps going somewhere where you usually wouldn't go; perhaps the cafe because it's crowded, etc