Issues with "starting over" with an ex?

We dated for a month long distance before breaking up and attending college together. He broke up with me because we weren't make eachother happy anymore and he thought I was crazy. Things got worse when we got in person and I decided that I missed him and we started talking again. Just texting. We told eachother what we did during the breakup and I wasn't really happy with what he did and we kind of got into mini arguments. It had only been about 3 days of texting and he said things like: he'd ruin my life, he thinks it's best to keep feelings out of it, he can't see us being together, etc. I told him I'd rather go through it with him over somebody else and he said that's why he has to put me in the friend zone. I felt it was stupid because we never spent time together and I felt he wasn't even trying to get to know me due to mistakes that happened in the past. I realize that "starting over" with somebody means exactly that but I also don't want to be stupid. I think it isn't going to go anywhere because he already has it in his mind that he's done with me as far as a relationship goes.
Issues with "starting over" with an ex?
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