First date impressions?

I have a possible date coming up in the future and I'm inexperienced with this; what should I do to prevent being friendzoned from being too nice?


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  • Don't be ridiculous. Guys don't get friend-zoned for being too nice, guys get friend-zoned for not making a move or not being the other's type.

    Just make it clear that you're interested in her. Compliments are important so make sure you tell her she looks nice, dress a little bit better than you usually do, talk about her interests, remember to ask about any events in her life that she talks about the next time you see her, send her cute texts... etc. etc.

    • When you say making a move, you mean like seeing up the next date, kiss etc?

    • Yeah, I don't mean anything overly sexual if that's what got you confused. Sorry for the misunderstanding

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  • Well I assume that the best way to go about it is to be chivalrous (open the door for her, etc.) and let her talk more about herself (and listen of course).


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  • just be yourself and just list some things you like to do and hopefully it goes well


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