How do you relieve anxiety in a long distance relationship?

My boyfriend and I are in a complicated long distance relationship and I'm starting to worry about weather or not he's being completely honest when I ask him important questions (e. g. about his health). We talk all the time sometimes several times a day and are always getting each other's opinion on things. What are some of the things you do to aleveate the stress?


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  • Not everyone can handle a long distant relationship. Sometimes you actually need to limit communication amd focus on you and your life to relieve the stress. But if you really like talking to your partner, tell them how you truly feel. That you feel he isn't being honest and that you are stressed out. Honesty is always #1 in a relationship

    • Thanks that makes sense and is quite helpful

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  • This is why I don't like long distant relationships


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  • If you have a smart phone this app called, "7 cups of tea" is good for group chat. I hate to say it, I think you should dump him. You deserve someone who doesn't stress you out in a relationship.

    • thanks and I'm just overly protective of people I care for so I worry a lot