When did you first fall in love?

what was the exact moment you knew you'd fallen?
Mine was when we were lying down together. I was just there appreciating his beauty and I could hear and feel his heartbeat as my head was on his chest... then the slow scent of his breath as he breathed down intoxicated me and my heart just melted...

Things didn't work out as he turned out to be a narcissist in the making, but thats okay.
Whats your story?


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  • When my heart started racing at the sight of my close female friend one day. Latter on a hike I hoped up a big rock to get a photo of everyone rounding the dend. I saw her walking and just stopped to admire her. My mate next to me saw me and took a photo. He did not know that I was staring at my freind until I teased him latter that he caught me admiring her.
    I asked her out and she said yes. Till the next day when she messaged me that she just wants to say freinds. I was fine with it till she stopped on my parting compliment that said when I was flirting was true. That she is a pretty person inside and out. She said thanks and flat out told me to stop complimenting her. I'm still trying to be friends with her but it will take a while for things to get back to normal.


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  • This year in March. It was literally like a fairytale. The most exhilarating feeling ever. Till he ruined everything lmao.

    • mine was march too lol

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  • I met this girl on campus and we talked for a year and a half before we dated for a couple months and broke up. She was good fun and I think she's someone to work trying to get a second chance, I guess you can call that 'love'

  • i begin with after the summer in ged-girl was nearly perfect... i messed up a paradise


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