Why do most guys go for hoes?

I've wondered this for the longest time. I'm friends with a lot of girls at my school who are hoes and will honestly sleep with any guy they can get-even if they aren't dating. One girl I'm friends with will flirt with almost every single guy and he will immediately fall for her and is attracted to her. I guess I just don't understand why hoes can get boyfriends much easier than I can. People tell me I'm attractive all the time, so it's not that I'm ugly and no one wants me. I can be shy at times but I'm still a fun person to be around. I've never had a boyfriend in my life or even been kissed. Why is it that if I got a guy I would love him, stay with him, treat him right-yet I can't get a guy. But hoes can easily get a guy, use them for sex only and don't even love them. I just don't get it, guys-why do you go for hoes much easier than girls who will actually love you and respect you?
Why do most guys go for hoes?
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