girlfriend friend is talking crap about me how should I treat her?

girlfriend friend is talking shit about me says am a fuck boy and says am using her and lots if other shit. Ok so i join a dating/friend sure pof and and okcupid on both sites their are photos of me& my girlfriend and it says am dating and only looking to make friends on my profile. Plus my girlfriend knowns am on this site i told her and she ok with it she knowns i wouldn't cheat on her. So her friend sees my profile and has been talking shit even after my girlfriend spoke to her
Says Will he could have changed it on his profile too say he's into both man& women. Ok but it says am dating someone and am looking for friends. I got 100's of friends of my girlfriend uo their so what girl would date me knowning i got a gf? Else if u wanted to cheat why would i tell my girlfriend am in this site and get her ok? Also she talking shit about my girlfriend buying me a car which i am paying her back for. 5 months ago my house burned down and we lost everything n i spent all my money helping my mom out even my car money. Since then my girlfriend was asking me eveyday to let her help me buy a car. I kept saying no so i started feeling bad and said only if you let me pay half and allow me too pay you back. So she said yes and am almost done paying her back. Am also not the first friend she has helped money wise and my girlfriend said even if we were still just friends she still would have helped me out. I respected my girlfriend as a person and am not ashmend to have her help me, i help her as will from time to tike. Am just gonna treat her friend likea kid tbh some teenage girl trying to start problems lol. Also her friend knowns all this shit but is still talking shit so my girlfriend droped her as a friend. And she is speaking to her 2 other friends who told this girl our business with out asking her first.
girlfriend friend is talking crap about me how should I treat her?
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