Should I go out with him or no?

Long story short I fell in love with a guy but things didn't quite work out. We're still close friends but I still have strong feelings and I'm not quite sure how he feels about me at this point. We only really text sometimes because we're a ten hour flight apart.

Recently another guy introduced himself to me and showed interest in me. He seems nice and mannerly like the guy I'm in love with is and he said he'd seen me around all semester so I can tell he really thought through introducing himself and did it respecfully. I'm just not sure what to do if he actually asks me out. I don't want to hurt his feelings by saying no, but at the same time I feel like I'm in no place to be in a relationship.

I'm scared that if I do say yes, my feelings for the first guy won't go away and this new guy will get attached and I'll end up faking feelings so I don't hurt his feelings (I hate hurting people). I've tried distancing myself from the first guy. I tried going a few months without texting him and it didn't work to get rid of my feelings.

Should I give this new guy (or any guy that seems like a decent guy) a chance? Or should I wait until I recover from my first love (which I'm scared will be never)? I just don't want to make a bigger mess for myself


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  • Give him a chance. Nothing makes you forget your last love like a new love.


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  • No. Don't go out with someone you're not attracted to.

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