Why is this girl so moody?

This female coworker of mine...

Some days she laughing, friendly to everyone, up beat...

But other days she is so cranky, gives attitude, doesn't talk or make eye contact and looks like she want to kill you. She was like staring at me like she wanted too.

I was overthinking because I had a crush on her, and thought I did something wrong but I realize I didn't do anything... She is just like this.

Most people just get a bit cranky once in a while... understandable...

But she is at extreme ends of the spectrum.


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  • Maybe she's bi-polar. Or she just has some stuff that's going on in her personal life that's regularly affecting her mood.

    • Maybe, she gets hot and cold very fast... She texts me, we joke and stuff and poof all of a sudden cold shoulder and she just says "nice"...

      I leave her alone for a few days, and then she starts being friendly again...

      I don't know, I haven't really met someone so hot and cold... Does she have emotional problems? She is Chinese and has pressure from her family, job stress too, I think she has on off relationship with a guy too.

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  • Okay I have a manager who is the same and you have two options.

    1) Put her in her place. You have to. She will surly test you but you must do comedicly or call her out on it.

    2) stay as faaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from her as possible. She's clearly emotional and needs medication or something.

    • Unless he's her boss I think it's really unnecessary to "put her in her place", and it will most likely just irritate her even more. If anything he could ask what's up, but anything more aggressive than that is unnecessary.

    • She has an emotional problem?

    • @lumos I should explain what I mean by putting her in her place. Though I did mentioned comedicly so if your joking in a aggressive way then best not to joke at all, common sense. But if you joke about it then she will go along with it. And you don't need to be someone's boss or authority to put people in there place. If I call @lumos a sexy demon and you get offended by it I ether get told off or slapped. Same for her. You don't stare at anyone in public like that nor give attitude. That's why you let them know and joke about it. Something along the lines of " hey while we're on brake do you want to grab some coffee?" If she refuse ask what can you get her. If she gets pissy cause your bothering her. Ask her what's wrong.

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  • Must be a Gemini 😒

    • She is... 😲 ... How did you know?

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    • 😲 I know Geminis are messed up... cause I am one too lol...

    • Hahaha.. Hi5 😜

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