Just hooked up with my date, how do I know where this is going from now on?

I got along with a girl that I met on Meetup, and on first date she stuck her tongue in my mouth when watching sunset

second date was more passionate kissing and cuddling

third date was kissing groping and hookup.

The next date we are going to hotspring...

She broke up with her boy friend of 2 years a few months ago. How do I know if I am just a fuck buddy or something more serious?

If I want this to be a relationship, is there something that I should or should be mindful of doing? Thanks


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  • if all she wants to do is have fun and doesn't go out with you or makes excuses to why she can't do more, then yeah you are a fun toy to her. If she wants to do more, than maybe not. just go with the flow.

    well, just ask her out on more dates. do a lot of fun things together. plan dates. We love a man with a plan. Dont over do it but just enough like every other weekend or see her more to show you are interested. Asked questions to get to know her. Be attentive and compliment once in a while not too much

    • went on an overnight trip with her to a hot spring, and had the girl friend talk with her. Now we are together. Thanks.

    • omg yay! so proud of you

  • Do not ask her about it yet, otherwise that will make her run away. Does she constantly mention her ex whenever you're out together? Does she compare the things you do to the things he did? Has she ever mentioned to you that she is not interested in something serious yet?

    • Went on an over night trip to a hot spring and had the girl friend talk, now we are together. I was a bit hesitant to ask her about it, basically she told me that during dating she fears that she may over commit compare to the other person. She's always sceptical if the guy wouldn't be dating someone else at the same time. I dropped her off at her place and told her I am not a player, and I would like to continue doing what we have been doing with her. She looked disappointed and almost forgot to kiss me when she left the car. She even left her ciders in my car that I bought her. I knew I had to bring that up or else she'll think we're just fuck buddies. I drove back and had the talk, now we are together.

    • That is great. Good luck then ^_^

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