Is she taking me for granted?

Been dating this girl for nearly a month. I'm super into her, and we see each other a lot during the week as we live close by. We're happy taking things slow at the moment, and we kind of just enjoy our time together and don't think too far ahead. I'm really comfortable with her, and sometimes it does feel like I'm back in a relationship again. Anyways, she always stays over at mine which is fine, I have my own place and she's temporarily living with her folks. She's met all my friends too, we've gone out for drinks with them. Thing is, I haven't yet met any of hers or been invited back to her place. I understand her friends don't live locally, but I think I'm putting in the most effort. I cook for her when she comes round mine (she contributes by bringing wine and helps tidy up etc), and I also drive her home on weekday mornings after she stays over (she doesn't drive.) Regardless, is she taking me for granted? I'm currently out of work so its always good seeing her. She also offers to pay her share, but I refuse to let her... bit confused here. What does she want?


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  • No, I don't think she is taking you for granted. If you think you're putting in the most effort, feel free to tell her that in a gentle way.


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  • I see no problem here as it doesn't sound like she's really taking advantage of you. However, why don't you have a job? I think I'd be a little more worried about that as opposed to the fact that she hasn't brought her unemployed boyfriend around to meet her friends and parents.

    • I was laid off so I've been trying to look for new work. I highly doubt she'd be ashamed of me for that as the same thing happened to her a few years back.

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