Guy i'm dating is seeing another girl?

Its very early days, only met a couple of times - he's openly admitted he's keeping his options open and is dating another girl (who he's known a lot longer, plus they've been dating on and off for a little while now)

Am I right in assuming that if he hasn't snapped her up by now, she can't be that great? or should I feel like i'm in some competition?

Advice on how to handle this.. obviously i'll be myself and see where it goes but i'm not sure whether I should prep myself for him to go ghost on me due to liking her more


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  • Tell him you're not a second option and that he can have the other girl. Walk away.


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  • You're an option to him so you're not priority In his life. In this situation you'll need to brace yourself by preparing for the chance he'll hurt you. At the moment you are kept dangling on a" thread" unsure of whether he'll choose you or her , or maybe some other girl that comes along.

    When I first start dating a guy I'd never pursue other guys at the same time. All my focus and attention is on the one guy I'm dating. I spend that time getting to know him more , because the ultimate goal would be for it to hopefully develop into a series relationship. If there's another guy involved then how could I earn his trust in the early stages of dating.

    So if a guy keeps his options open with me , and is indecisive about who to choose , then I'd make the decision for him by walking away and moving on from him

    In your situation he's in total control and it's a case of " May the best girl win".

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