Is my boyfriend opening up because he's comfortable with me, or is he trying to drive me away?

I'm a world class cynic and I struggle to read people's motives at times. Recently my boyfriend of a little under two months has changed drastically. I know women can be very manipulative, so my question is do you think men are capable or would ever even care to take the time to play mind games like this? Rather than breaking up with me out right, do you think it's possible that he's trying to drive me away?
We've really grown quite attached over the last 7 weeks and he doesn't indicate any signs of possible disinterest. Hell if anything, his word indicate that he's in it for the long run, but his actions hint a possible different story.

Over the last two and a half week's he's started playing video games and watch video game trailers for ours on end when we're together. He's also showed me all of his favorite anime tv shows, of which I had no idea he even enjoyed watching. Finally, he's literally been totally open about farting and announcing that he must go do specific bodily functions. I have never been in a relationship where I've seen such a great change in character over such a short period of time. In the past it's taken my ex's months and months to share their weird little quirks.

My question is, is it possible that my boyfriend is simply more comfortable with me and is opening up? Or is he trying to drive me away?


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