How can I convince my parents to let me date my boyfriend?

I couldn't believe that my crush was going to notice that I liked liked him and his friends actually shipped me and him together and I was least expecting it because I didn't wanted any drama on me and that. Me and Matt have a really great connection together. Matt is the guy that i've never seen from my ex boyfriend. I NEVER found a guy like him before. Matt told his parents that he's dating me. They totally agreed with it but they have some doubts like, "I might break up with him and hurt him, don't have sex with me until they know that I'm the one for him." .

We both love each other. Since the first time I met him, I felt like my soul was warming up like never before after when my ex-bf broke up with me 1 year ago. He is a very great gentlemen, respectful, loves sports, and he's in the same grade as I am.

Even though he can't balance walk like normal people walk and balance, I still love him as his way of himself. I never think of cheating on him. I remembered that I've cheated on my ex-bf because he didn't really took the relationship seriously, didn't valued my thoughts, and feelings, my needs, problems in life and within myself.

I have no doubt that he's the one. It's 99.9% that it is a possibility that we're gonna get married in the future. Matt wants to marry me and be with me forever. And I've been searching for a guy like him ever since before I met him.

If I hadn't accepted to go to attend Greenscape in VOTEC and said no, I would have not met the guy of my dreams and I am VERY HAPPY to be finally meeting the guy that I've wished.

But now, one problem. since after the incident of my abuse between my ex and me, my parents told me that I can't date anyone. I don't want to keep hiding my relationship between me and Matt.
I want my parents to accept the relationship. I am 16 years old and I am willing to be showing my parents what I am capable of being responsible of and leaving my own self problems behind.
How can I convince my parents to let me date my boyfriend?
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