How to get a girlfriend nowadays?

I have never had a girlfriend, have almost no female friends and my group of friends are of guys like me who never had a girlfriend aswell and do not know much girls either. I never get girls to talk to me, not even on facebook or any other socialmedia. I'm afraid I will stay alone for many years. What should I do? I do not accept any advice like, rent escorts etc. I like to become a monk better than doing that U_U.


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  • You're not unattractive, so you should probably work on your approach.

    • my fear is to appear creepy If approachin a random girl.

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    • Well not really a good answer since girls don't have to approach

    • I think there is a chance to be creepy when approaching girls, it just a 6th sense for girls, guy have it but girls have it on a different level. It's their form of defense. Watch videos about talking to girls and make more friends with guys who are more upfront talking to girls and kinda follow them.

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  • Everything that happens falls on the guys shoulders


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  • Your going to have to have the courage to go outside your comfort zone and go places where you can meet women without being behind a computer screen. You will face some rejection but once you find someone that is interested it is worth all the trials.

    • Not a bad Idea, but I (we) somehow tried this way. Too bad we almost don't know any firends who can't introduce us to single girls, new companies etc. Here in Italy ladies are all the time taken, whenever they break up the instantly get with a new one they been talking to for a while. I might not be a intresting guy, and do not know how to become one. <.<

    • It's a lifetime trial. You don't try for a few months and say "oh well I gave it the old college try" you keep at it along with your social media outlets.

  • It would maybe help if u didn't look like a skinhead

    • Training to see myself bald when I will loose hair in the future :D!!!