Does this mean anything? I had a dream about my ex girlfriend today then I just find out she broke up with her boyfriend. if she messages me what should I do?

Her parent's forced us apart almost 2 years ago.. i won't lie i still love her and always will she was my very first girlfriend. But i have moved on like she did, i have strong feeling fot my current girlfriend she makes me very happy and our relationship is close to perfect. Like you really don't understand yes we small fighta from tikw to time but we always fix the problem with in 10 min. I have never date anymore more muture then her and before her i didn't even known what a real heathy relationship looks like. However even through my new girlfriend amd i have a very close relationship. She does not even come close to what i had with my ex girlfriend. No one has been able to make me feel the things my ex had. I don't known if it becuase she my first girlfriend or becuase she the only 1 i have ever fallen in love with. What do u guys think? i have no plans to message my ex at all and plan on too keep dating my current gd.


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  • It feels like you're just settling for your current girlfriend. It's not really fair to her for you to stay with her if you admit you had more feelings for your ex.
    That would not make me pleased to find that out

    • My current girlfriend known's i tell her everything. When we just dating we said we would date for a year too see if i fall in love with her. I don't think you understand how man work not every girl we date we can or will falll in love with. Their are manny man who are in happy relationship who would kill for their current girlfriend but are not in love with then even some married man. I told my girlfriend i feel like am settling and feel like she deserves someone who in love with her. We been dating 5 months and in that time i grow to love her more I don't know if that will turn into me falling in love with her or not but its worth trying right? i did not choice to fall in love with my ex. In fact in high school she always tried speaking to me I don't know if she likes ne or was being ftiendly. But 1 day something happened i wake up n i had these feeling i couldnt explan. My heart race when near her, my body felt like it was on drugs. Simple put it was lije a man

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    • Anything else what too say?

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  • just coincidence

    • I guest so it was the first dream i jad of her in awhile