Why would a guy continue to chase after someone who doesn't want him and treat the person who cares about him and actually want him like crap?

Guy friend chases after a girl he use to talk to and she just plays him and she talks about him basically she uses him for what she needs. He caters to her and her friends and they just be laughing at him. My guy friend tells me he loves me but continues to treat me like I don't matter until I start ignoring him then he has a problem and want to be mad at me for not answering. What do I need to do to show him I actually care about him and to get him to realize that is no good for him when she has a boyfriend who she lives with and trying to have a baby?


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  • Because he's a bloody idjit, that's why.


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  • He clearly is more into her and loves you as a friend but does not see you the way you see him. he wants her so bad that he is kind of obsessed. All you can do is hope he comes around and sees that you are the girl for him but he doesn't see that now and wants her more but trust me. in time, he will stop and i hope you haven't moved on by then

  • Either way, you are wasting your time.
    Seriously, why are you running around after a guy who doesn't want you, but keeps you hanging around for his own ego?
    The best thing you can do is leave them all to it. You're doing no one any favours, least of all yourself. You're only going to be hurt by all of this, and then you'll wonder why you spent so much time waiting for something that was never going to happen.
    If she's who he wants, let them be. It's got nothing to do with you.
    There's someone out there capable of respecting and thinking the world of you, don't miss out on him because of someone who barely notices that you're there most of the time.

    • You're wondering why he's chasing after someone who isn't interested - you're doing the same thing. You already know the answer.

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    • Can't say that I'm second best he's a jerk whose married which by the way i didn't know but cheats with multiple people and this is just his latest whose known for messing with married man. The only difference is I didn't know and I gave him my virginity and heart which kinda makes it hard to break free from

    • So he's a lesson learned in how not to be treated. Things aren't going to change with this guy. He'll just continue to walk all over you until he gets bored and you're going to be left with no self esteem and no self respect wondering why you weren't good enough, when the truth is you're TOO good.
      If he can't see that, there are a million guys who will.
      Honestly, stay away from him. In time, you'll start to like it where you are. If he misses you, too bad. Let him.