How much space is okay in a relationship?

I've been with my boyfriend for a bit over a year and I think we just sort off got out of our "honeymoon phrase".“ We've always spent a lot of time together (at least 4 nights a week) and he's always needed more space for himself than I did. Lately we can both see that we're not as honeymoon-ey anymore, we get annoyed with each other easier, just being together and not doing anything is not as fun anymore and we just don't have as much need to be together 24/7 anymore. I can especially notice it with him, and he's said so himself, that we need to spend less time together because otherwise we start getting on each others nerves. I meanwhile still prefer to spend time with him rather than alone/someone else, although often I feel less "fulfilled" after spending the entire day with him, so I think I could use some space as well, even if I don't feel like I want it. We still have a lot of good days and very nice moments, it's just u know... less sort of intense? I tell myself thats supposed to be a normal thing and that all relationships have highs and lows, but it's my first long term relationship so I need some reassurance how much of it is normal? Because there's still some logic in my head that if you're in love with someone you would want to spend all your time with them? And I'm worried at what time is it "too much space" and we start growing apart?
How much space is okay in a relationship?
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