Am I wrong for not giving him a chance because of this?

So Im starting to have a thing for this guy. At first I think there was an attraction there between us but that's it. After that, everything was really cordial until recently. There's been sparks and a lot of flirting. I didn't think I would like him but I do. I'm just a little bummed out that we won't be going nowhere because of one thing and that's that he smokes cigarettes. He smokes though like it's a ritual like one of those who need to have a smoke, goes outside to have a cig, comes in and smells. I'm not into that but it sucks cause I would give him a chance if he didn't smoke but since he does there's just no point in going along with it. Other than that, I do have a thing for him. He makes me laugh, he's smart, he's ambitious, confident maybe cocky but he acknowledges it, I like his style and other stuff. I wouldn't even waste my time telling him to quit if we started dating cause it just seems like that's who he is. I can point it out if it comes up but who knows what he'll think or what will happen.
Am I wrong for not giving him a chance because of this?
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