Girls, How do I make the urge go away?

I constantly get mocked when I show people a girl I like and they will say she's way out of your league and every other girl friendzones me. I really don't have the time or patience to fix whatever this issue is so how can I just forget about women and being in a relationship



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  • She's out of your league how?

    • Like she's really hot

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    • I really appreciate you talking about this with me, wish I could say I was a lucky guy who someday would get to hold a girl in his arms but it's not how dating is today I'm considered soft by today's standards

    • You're very welcome 😊 Don't be so hard on yourself. It's not all about looks anyway. It's more about how you treat a girl. If you treat her nice.. as you are a nice guy, you will not have a problem. She will like you for you. Hang in there. You'll have a girl to hold sooner then you think 😊

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