Girls Do you like it when a guy text a lot?

I been dating this girl for a month I only see her on weekends. She usually text me first. I text her just a couple messages and then I always end it. She tells me she miss me when I don't see her. I replied I miss her too. We flirt on text, and just text for a little but like I said I always end it. Don't really like texting a lot. But I feel like ass when I end the Conversation. I want to know if girls like texting a lot with a guy then like very much?

Girls do you like it when a guy text a lot?


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  • Not so much that it's annoying but yeah we like it when you can keep a conversation going on a day to day basis. Builds attraction, makes us feel wanted and like you're thinking of us, and I don't know if other girls put it in the same category but if you're consistent with text messages for some time I will subconsciously see you as being a consistent person I can go to and be comfortable opening up to

    • Cool, Yeah the girl I talk to always text first. And feel like a ass when I end the conversation it gives me a vibe that maybe she feels I don't want to talk to her but I do I usually per fer to say thing in person then a text. Im up to tlk in text for a little but not much because it gets boring.

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    • Yeah im fucking up. I'll text her tomorrow. We just went out on Saturday and she text me on Sunday and Monday. Yeah I'm not trying to play games just don't want to come out as needy guy. I know girls don't like when a guy chases. Girls loose interest fast.

    • As long as he's not overdoing it, I like when a guy chases it makes me feel wanted. It's good to play it cool sometimes too just try not to play it so cool that she thinks you're aloof about the whole situation you know

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