Still delete/block ex on social media?

So my ex and I recently broke up. Things actually ended pretty well between us, as well as breakups can go.

Anyways she stopped looking at my post on Snapchat a long time ago before we officially went NC. I don't post that often, neither does she but post more than I do. So despite her not looking at my stuff should I still delete or block her from my Snapchat?


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  • delete him from social media...

  • Some exes I'm good friends with and others... not so much. It really depends on the friendship you guys have now. Not seeing each other's posts on social media means you are moving on and continuing with your lives.

    • Thanks. We're not looking at each other's posts though so should I still remove her?

    • Removing her won't be the end of the world. You can still pop into her life, later on, to see how things are going. Sometimes not being reminded of our exes, good or bad, can do good.

  • I mean if you don't look at each other's stuff it's not a big deal to block her, but if you know you'll probably run into her again the future, it could be a little awkward. This is why I keep old friends on social media even if I don't like them anymore, because I'll be seeing them again and don't want any potentially awkward moments.

    • Thanks. My thing is I keep seeing NC means removing the person from social media, but if we're not looking at each other's stuff then why block or delete?

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    • No contact.

    • Ohh I see. Well, personally, I would get a little jealous if I saw my ex with someone else. Especially live on snapchat haha. So I'd rather block them and forget about them. Think about it, she doesn't even look at your stuff anymore and yet here you are, with her still running through your mind. I would just delete her from my life, I mean she's probably not going to be apart of it anyway, right?

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