How come all the decent guys have to go back and date younger girls?

I'm in college now and I'm noticing (Facebook helps) that all the decent guys out there are having to go back and date younger girls in high school... I've always wanted a girl my age, but they all go after the popular/loser type. I mean really, girls amaze me. :/

I don't want a younger girl really, they'd be even more immature probably, although the girls wanting the (same-aged) idiots is REAL mature too... :/

I'm not trying to come off immature myself, but its a trend I've noticed and its just frustrating... makes me think I won't find a girl anytime soon... So basically its like decent guys only have a chance with younger girls...


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  • your probably noticing the girls who are..dont mean to be mean but I'm going to be straight foreward, a bit on the bimbo side, not all girls who are your age (around 20 or so?) go for popular/dbag kinda guy. I tend to like, and I mean really like, guys who are about my age give a year or so...i tried dating an older man, not guy but man, and I found I was way to mature for him...

    also don't rule out dating a younger girl, girls do tend to mature faster than boys so the guys that are their age in higschool are really more immature than those older douche guys the girls your age are dating, as long as the girl is 18 and mature and what your looking for don't worry

    i think mayeb try branching out more like seeing what's out there, date different age ranges and don't rule anything out, as long as the girl is legally an adult since you're an adult, but you never know who you're going to like

    hope that helped some


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  • whats ur definition of a "decent guy"?

    do you seriously think ALL girls ur age go after the popular/loser type? every last one of them? come on now. maybe you should broaden ur horizons. change where you usually go to find girls and switch it up. and what do you mean by "popular/loser" type?


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  • That's an interesting trend you've noticed; I'd actually think it's the older college-age girls who are more into the loser types, but then again, now that they're in college, they get to gain all the experience they want being with the "popular" guy...

    Anyway, don't let it get to you too much. Go after what YOU want. If a girl your age is too immature to see anything special in you, move on and keep trying find a nice girl that will. Be careful with all inclusive statements like "ALL the girls my age go after the losers," because there are exceptions to every rule. You won't find "nice girls" your age in bars and clubs, but you just might find them around campus, in school clubs, libraries, volunteer organizations, and in other (non-wild) social events outside of school; sometimes you have to think outside of the box a bit. Best of luck.