Do I sound Creepy?

So I've been on one date with this girl, it was fantastic! (I can tell she really enjoyed it!) and it ended with me giving her a kiss on the cheek but I have to admit it was really badly timed... we both have things to do and we both have very separate goals to achieve at this moment. HOWEVER I'm joining the military and she is continuing university and I'm seeing her soon. I really want to end this short relationship on a positive note...

I thinking of saying; 'I'm going to be away for several years in the military but once I've settled down... I'll come looking for you' *hug* *kiss on forehead*

That sounds so sweet!!
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+1 y
I'm thinking of changing 'ill come looking for you' part because that does sound pretty sketchy to me now...
+1 y
ok yeah that sounds pretty creepy...
Do I sound Creepy?
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