Is he teasing me or does he actually like me?

so, i met this guy at work about a month ago and since the first day we met there was always like this vibe between us. We've spoken a few times, flirted a bit and we've shared a hug. Yesterday it got to the point where he walked past my office and blew me a kiss. What should be my next move, do i wait for him or what? i really do like this guy


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  • Be careful he is a co worker
    If I were you I would invite him to go to a bar with you after work or to do something on the weekend together.

    When you are both out of the work place it will be easier to express your feelings


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  • He's likely hanging back because of the complications of a work relationship. The gossip mill, for one thing. Probably there are already rumors about you.

    Depending on the company policy, this might be a problem for him, or for both of you!

    And he'll worry about what happens if you break up... and still have to work together!

    So I doubt he'll be willing to go beyond blowing kisses... in spite of the vibe. And you should also hesitate. Don't kid yourself that you can keep it secret from the other people at work.

    He's teasing you, for sure. I don't think you'll ever know if he actually likes you...

    • Omw you're right about people finding out and stuff shiit.
      uhm there can't be any rumors because im still a newby here.

      but thanks for your input...

    • Good luck!!!

  • Sometimes it's not easy, but let him know you like him & see what happens. I'm guessing he likes you but it's impossible to tell sometimes.

    • well he does want to spend more time with me so im guessing he does feel something...

      thanks ;)

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  • If I were you, I'd just straight up ask him if he'd like to get a drink or something. He may not know you're OK with a office romance and could be hesitant.

    I don't think he is teasing you.

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