Does he really like me?

Basically I met this guy at my Krav Maga class a while ago and we began to talk on Messenger and we've gotten really close. He asked me before "maybe one day, I don't care when, maybe we could go out?" and I said "I don't see why not".
We've gone into town a lot and I've even gone to his house a few times and he's really sweet. He even started cuddling me while we were watching a movie and he kind of kissed my cheek..
But he's friends with a lot of girls and he's really cute and he goes to a different school and he could be dating someone there..
One day we also met his friend while we were going to his house and she was like "So this is her? Oh sorry, it's just that he talks about you all the time. You're prettier than he said". He could've told her to say that though?
I really really do like him but I just have a hard time trusting people and I don't really want a relationship to be honest.. But I really do like him! And if I do date him it'll have to be in secret.
What should I do? I told him I need to talk to him on Friday and that's when I was going to ask him. But does he really like me and is this a good idea?
Does he really like me?
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