Do I still have feelings for my first love?

I'm 23 years old and when I was 16, I fell in love deeply with a guy that I only dated for 1 month. End of the story: he dumped me and of course I suffered for years, until I could forget him. I consider him my first love because I never loved anyone the way I loved him.

After that I never felt anything stronger for someone. I dated two guys later but the feeling was always warm, and I ended up with them in the end...

It turns out that this weekend I met this guy again and the moment I saw him I felt goose bumps and I was a bit nervous when he came to talk to me.
I know I do not have a chance with him because now I think he sees me only as a friend nowadays, but I was confused thinking if I still have feelings for him, because I thought I had completely forgotten him. What do you think?
Do I still have feelings for my first love?
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