Do girls like guys who are aggressive towards other guys but shy towards girls?

I have heard that girls like confident guys who are aggressive towards both guys and girls. I am kinda aggressive when I speak to guys, i. e. I always argue with them if I don't agree (I almost always win btw) and they usually listen to me because I have a strong voice. But I am not as aggressive towards girls and I can't imagine being aggressive towards the girl I like. I am in fact kinda shy when I speak to the girl I like though I don't show it, but I still don't think I am able to be aggressive towards her. Is it a turn off for you girls or you like guys that can speak up to other guys but are gentle towards you?

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  • I don't want someone to be aggressive towards others, especially without a reason. But would be good if my man could make me feel safe and protect me if needed. And he doesn't have to be aggressive toward other people to show me that I am special. There are other ways of doing it.


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  • no not really

  • confident guys yes. aggressive nope

  • This is hard because my crush is like this. The problem with being shy around girls is that we have no clue if you like us or not! Besides that, I like shy guys :)

    • i dont know what you mean my aggressive, but not mean towards others. I mean aggressive and is extrovert/confident around his guy friend vs. me.

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