Guys whom would you desire more?

if you met 2 hot, smart girls, the 1st one is a virgin the second one is a non virgin. You like both

  • the 1st one
  • the 2nd one
  • either
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  • Whichever I like more or have a better connection with.


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  • It would really depend on which girl I was more attracted to, but if I had to choose on the basis of sexual experience alone then I would choose the one with more sexual experience. This is because they would be more compatible with me in the bedroom and it would be generally less awkward. I've had my time being with virgins when I was younger and it was absolutely fine at the time but I'm older now.

    • So is a virgin a turn-off to you?

    • @Winrey700 Not a turn off at all, no. I would just choose to be with someone who has a similar level of experience to me if I had the choice. I would never discriminate against a girl simply because of their virginity or lack of.

  • I would try to find a different reason to choose one over the other, virginity (or not having it) isn't a reason to choose one girl over another.

  • the first one

    • Why the first one

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    • @mulberryhuang will you not get offended if he says he prefers a virgin because virgins show self respect?

    • . I am a virgin too

  • Probably the virgin. But the problem is if she's a virgin she'd probably bleed if we had sex and that grosses me out


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