He chose compatibility over Chemistry?

I was IN LOVE with him, he felt Chemistry, i felt Chemistry, sexual Chemistry, we had fun together, we had a great time, i was the most beautiful girl he has ever been with, he loved my body and i loved his voice, i truly liked him so much but in the end he chose compatibility over us, he chose another girl who he was more compatible with, she comes from a good stable family, i dont, she has money and two parents, i dont, she has better friends, i dont, she has a better education, i dont. He chose comfort over adventure... why would he do that? will he regret it? they may be good personality wise, but she isn't much of a looker either so yeah... i was kinda suprised, even aftertwo years i can't forget him, i wasn't a ''serious'' girl for him and he wanted someone serious i guess with stability in her life...


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  • He chose GREATER chemistry over lesser chemistry.

    • there wasn't ''chemistry'' with this girl he still cheats on her

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    • he's a doctor

    • Then he found greater chemistry

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  • A not so great personality can ruin any gorgeous face. Maybe Your shallow attitude isn't appealing.
    Maybe she 's not so hot to you, but she's the most beautiful girl in the world to him.
    She obviously has qualities that appeal to him. You won't see them because you're hurting, but the fact remains that there are good reasons he chose her.
    Being in love with someone isn't a valid enough reason for them to love you back. You need to drop this bitterness and resentment and move on.
    There is a guy for you, but it's not him.


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  • He the fuck want his nasty ass anyway. Stop begging for him and move on. Come on girl your better than that.

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