He chose compatibility over Chemistry?

I was IN LOVE with him, he felt Chemistry, i felt Chemistry, sexual Chemistry, we had fun together, we had a great time, i was the most beautiful girl he has ever been with, he loved my body and i loved his voice, i truly liked him so much but in the end he chose compatibility over us, he chose another girl who he was more compatible with, she comes from a good stable family, i dont, she has money and two parents, i dont, she has better friends, i dont, she has a better education, i dont. He chose comfort over adventure... why would he do that? will he regret it? they may be good personality wise, but she isn't much of a looker either so yeah... i was kinda suprised, even aftertwo years i can't forget him, i wasn't a ''serious'' girl for him and he wanted someone serious i guess with stability in her life...
He chose compatibility over Chemistry?
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