Arrange marriage, Im feeling so scared, what should I do?

I belong to an Asian country where marriages are fixed based on religion, caste etc.

I went to my cousin's marriage where this girl who saw me got attracted to me, and she told her mom about me, now her mom was all over my mom and my mom sensed that she is trying to hint about relation of her daughter and me.

Although she is a nice girl, but im a player type of dude who believes in love but is it possible to fall in love after marriage?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would say get to know her first maybe ask to meet a few times before you say yes. You can't just marry someone aise hi come on yaar.

    • Its not allowed to meet before marriage here.
      Either its marriage or no marriage, no meeting before marriage.

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    • Theek hai, I guess aap ki marzi hai lol

    • No Prob yaar. bus apni understanding achi bana lena shaadi ke baad apni wife se. a good understanding is very important in a happy relationship. and also learn to make compromises and sacrifices for her. and im sure your marriage will be successful :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • its very possible to fall in love after marriage. by the way i think your from pakistan, im from south Asian country too, im from pakistan, so i can understand your situation here. by the way if she's your cousin, then dont marry her, no matter what happens, because cousin marriages leads to mental illnesses.

    • tension nhe loo larkay, just go for it, or waise bhi, larki tumhe pasand karti hai, to phr fikar kis baat ki hai?

    • Haan bhai , ladki ne khud mujhe pasand kiya hai, aur,
      ladki wale khud shaadi ki baat kar rahe hain, so its girl's choice. She chose me.
      So do u think it will work out?

    • im pretty sure it will work out yaar.
      jab larki ne tumhe pasand kia hai or larki walay bhi razi hai to fikar na karo.
      im pretty sure it will work out :)

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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, its possible to fall in love after arranged marriage.
    But don't do it against your will.


What Guys Said 1

  • get know her first if you know what i mean.

    don't say it can't be done you will make it work out that you have fun before just to make sure.

    sex is just sex that's why friends have sex all the time and some closer people