Does anyone pull away from someone if they get too comfortable?

My ex and I broke up amicably earlier this year. He was my first LTR and we were together for 5 years. Since then, I've dated this year and it's only until a month ago I've found a guy I really connect with. He was also in the same situation with me, however I've been the first girl he's been with since his ex (they also broke up in Feb.) He hasn't dated as much as me.

Anyway, we've been together a month and we naturally both want the same things; to take things slow. The problem is, is that I feel TOO comfortable with him and I'm almost behaving like I did with my ex. He's the only guy I've felt like this with, and it's scaring me slightly. We spend a lot of time with each other. He lives close by which also helps as I don't drive. Anyway, my instinct is to pull back. I have to remind myself I've only known this guy for a month, and I need to create space for us, and more importantly: myself. I need to see if he really is a guy I can see myself with.

Is this behaviour normal?


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  • Are you guys in a serious relationship or you haven't talked about your situation yet?

    • We haven't talked about our situation yet, no. There's no need to yet.

    • Anyway, I know plenty of people who have the habit of pulling away from people when they get too comfortable out of fear of things falling apart.