Didn't get a kiss goodnight? Does he like me or in a friendship way?

So I went and hung out with this guy and watched a movie with mutual friends we just say no cuddling or anything, he invited me over so I went. We watched a movie and we laughed and made fun of it, then he drove me home. And we are talking about our favourite music and so on. So we got to my house and we were in the truck still. And he hasn't made a move or anything, so I got out and thanked him for the night and ride home, but then he texted me and is flirting with me saying I am cute and wants to hang out tonight. I know we have been friends for a couple months. Is he just shy to make any type of move or does he want to be just friends. So confused... and should I wait for him to make the first move tonight. 😄🤔


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  • Maybe he wants to take it slower, or thinks you want to take it slow. If you want to kiss him, don't wait for him to make the move, go for it.


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  • in a friendship way


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  • lol i never kiss women goodnight after date i thought this shit only happens in movies. plus i'm too shy for shit like that... . now i get why they thought i were gay or friendly. it seems that they need men to be more sexual and offensive


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  • I wouldn't want to kiss on a first date.