Guys; crazy eights?

1. If you could give a women one piece of advice (without her totally freaking out on you) what would it be?

2. Rihanna in 'rude boy' = too fat? just right? does it matter?

3. If you ask a girl out every 28th day for the billionth time and she's not gonna go because she's bleeding like the Nile, do you want her to tell you it's 'that time' so you get the point or make up and excuse like 'I'm sick'. again.

4. Would you rather go for barbecued ribs, an outside cafe, or coffee?

5. Do you like dates at your place to be drunk, tipsy or sober?

6. Why don't you have any effing toilet paper?

7. Your chick is smoking hot, but once a month gets so bloated she looks pregnant and her face breaks out to the point she looks like Michael Jackson's thriller zombies. you think '____'.

8. When you first start dating a chick, and she's obviously interested in doing 'the deed,' how long would she keep you waiting to be considered 'not loose' and/or 'long-term material'?


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  • 1. Male and female attraction are completely different. Do not expect a guy to be attracted to the same things in you as you are in him. Don't expect him to think or behave like you would in the same circumstances.

    2. She's not my type but if anything I would consider her skinny.

    3. Yes. Men aren't good guessers and we suck at reading between the lines. When in doubt, tell him explicitly.

    4, On a date? If it's on a date I'm going to go for either the cafe or the coffee. If I'm going on a date with a pretty girl I don't want to be stuffing my face with ribs! That's just not that cool. I don't really drink coffee but I don't mind it once in a while but I wouldn't know what to order.

    5. Sober. I don't drink. I don't like how I feel or act when I'm drunk and I've sworn off the booze for ever. If the lady would like a glass of wine that's cool but I'm not going to be getting her plastered.

    6. Hahaha. Noted. I'll keep some extra for you in one of those emergency things. In case of girl, break glass.

    7. Still worth it.

    8. I don't think in those terms. I love and appreciate feminine sexuality and I would never lose respect for her if she's horny and gutsy enough to let me know.


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